Why Some Men Prefer Escort Services Over Traditional Relationships

Despite what many people think, escorts are not just for rich playboys and partying college guys. Many men of all ages and backgrounds prefer to use the services of an escort rather than deal with a traditional relationship or dating. Here is a brief guide to the main benefits of using escorts.

Immediate Gratification

One of the main problems with dating is that most men want to have sex far sooner than women do. Many women do not even feel comfortable kissing until after a few dates, whereas most men are ready to have sex on the first night. Many men find it simpler and more satisfying to just hire an escort, and get what they want right away.

Dating Takes Time

Even if you do not mind waiting for sex, dating is a big investment of time and effort, especially as you become more experienced in the dating world. The magic and fun of dating quickly wears off, and dates become just another regular task or chore that you need to do just to have sex. Many men are deciding that they would rather skip the dating routine and just pay for sex with an escort.

Putting Up with a Partner

It sounds harsh, but most people do not end up spending their lives with the partner of their dreams. Many men are in a relationship because they are just too tired or burnt out to go look for something better. Instead of putting up with someone that you often do not enjoy being around, escorts offer sex with no need for any kind of commitment or putting up with another person and their problems.

Dealing with Their Friends and In-Laws

Although you may love your partner to death, often the relationship is soured because she has awful friends and family that drive you nuts. Men use the services of an escort to avoid nasty friends and in-laws, which makes life much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Avoid Pregnancy

Even when you are using the right protection, a long-term sexual partner has a chance of becoming pregnant. Pregnancy leads to the heartache of abortion or the life-long commitment of fatherhood and child support payments. Escorts offer sex free from the worry of becoming a father for the next 18 years of your life.

Escorts Do Stuff That Most Women Will Not

While most escorts are not into weird sex, they are usually far more open than the average woman. This could be as simple as that blowjob that you have been dreaming about for the last five years, though it could lead to many areas of sex that are not extreme yet outside the comfort zone of most women.

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