Should we close all London Clubs?



At the moment, it seems that many local London authorities are having a bit of a clamp down on clubs in and around London. A couple of famous clubs have been closed in recent weeks, and I think that is a shame. Just like the other girls here at London escorts, I like to go out to party and have some fun. The truth is that many of the girls here know the clubs really well, and they cannot see what the big problem is with all of these clubs.


Yes, I know that drugs are a problem in clubs, but they are a problem elsewhere as well. Drug taking, and especially designer drugs, are very much the sign of our modern culture. I am not saying that it is right, and I am sure that none of the girls here at London escorts of agree drug taking. But, you do get searched before you go into most clubs, and on top of that, you should learn how to be careful. I think that it is a matter of learning how to say no thank you, and be really careful.


At London escorts, we date our fair share of out of town visitors and we are always telling them to be careful. It is really easy to get your drinks spiked, and you can also find that your wallet has a habit of going missing. It is best to be safe rather than sorry. When I am out with my friends from London escorts, we make sure that a couple of the girls watch the drinks while another couple of girls go dancing. That is the safest way to do it now.


Should security staff be more careful with what goes on? I know that most of the clubs that I go to with my friends from London escorts have really good security staff, but they cannot spot everything. For instance, how do you spot somebody trying to slip a small pill into your glass? That is not very easy at all, and you really do need to keep your wits about you. I also think that a lot of young people are poorly aware of the hazards of drug taking. It is mainly young people who are the victims of drugs and they need to be better informed on how to avoid the problem with dangerous drugs.


When my mom was young, she said that there never used to be such a big problem with drugs. Most of the time she says that kids got drunk and went home. The scene in clubs is different today, but that does not mean that we should close all of the clubs down. We girls here at London escorts know that a lot of people come to London to party and have fun. Many of the top London clubs raise a lot of money for the capital in tax revenue. They also employ a lot of people, and we are very quick to forget about as well. Can we afford more unemployment in London?


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