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One thing that we have been talking about a lot is the name of the escort agency. I never thought that it would be hard to come up with a name for an escort agency. As there are already two other escort agencies in the area, she can’t call it something so simple as Aldgate escorts. She sort of needs to come up with a name that really makes the escort agency stand out, and at the same time describes all of the services which are available.


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I must admit that I come from an East End background, and the East End of London has always been a bit notorious for its crime scene. My father was half “hookey” as they say in the East End, and I guess that I took after him. Just like my father, I started to sell clocked cars, and I guess that I “shifted” some stuff which came from a bit of an “unclear” background as well. It was a way of life, just like dating London escorts was a way of life for me. Of course, dating London escorts was not doing me any harm at all. But, I did start to feel that my lifestyle was not really where I wanted to be in life.
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I started to go around to property auctions, and soon came across a nice house in Greenwich which I could buy with the money I had in the bank. It did not need a lot doing to it, and what I liked about it, was that it was already divided into flats. It was not long before I had put my money where my mouth is , and bought the place. A couple of nights later I brought Angela from London escorts around to ask her for her input. I knew that she had a keen eye for decorating themes, and I felt that I needed her help with this place. These days you will find me driving around London in a van instead of a fancy BMW. Sometimes there is a gorgeous blonde next to me. Yes, you guessed it. That is Angela who has just left London escorts and started her own home decorating business with me. My life of being a bit “hookey” has fallen by the wayside, and I am now into property. It is a great way of investing in London, and if you want to make money in London, there is according to Angela two ways of doing so. You can work for London escorts, or make the most of the London property market. Let’s put it this way, we are making the most out of the London property market.…