Does the name matter?

A girl that I used to work with an escort agency outside of London, is thinking about starting her own escort agency. She has asked me if I want to join her, but to be honest, I am happy here at Aldgate escorts of But despite that I know that we will still get together for coffee and stuff like. She is a lot of fun to be with, and the moment we met at the escort agency, we became good friends. I guess that it helped that we are both bisexual girls.


One thing that we have been talking about a lot is the name of the escort agency. I never thought that it would be hard to come up with a name for an escort agency. As there are already two other escort agencies in the area, she can’t call it something so simple as Aldgate escorts. She sort of needs to come up with a name that really makes the escort agency stand out, and at the same time describes all of the services which are available.


She also wants the name to give a good first impression of the girls who work for the escort agency. I have been thinking about this a lot. You could easily combine things like Sexy Aldgate escorts, or Kinky Angels in Aldgate. That sort of tells the gents who are checking out the agency out what the girls who work for the escort agency are all about. I think that would be pretty much perfect,  and sounds good as well. Believe me, there are days I wish that our escort agency had a bit more a creative name.


The name Aldgate escorts certainly tells gents we are located but when you stop and think about it, the name does not really tell him much more. I think that Sex Kittens of Aldgate sounds hot, but I can’t get any of the other girls to agree with me. Perhaps they don’t want to be known as sex kittens. I love to think of myself as a sex kitten. It is one of those terms that I find rather inspirational to b fair, and I love to be inspired before I start my shift at the escort agency in Aldgate.


The other name that would work pretty well would be something like Hot Babes at Aldgate escorts.  That names  both describes the girls who work for the escort agency at the escort agency, and tells you where we are located at the same time. I know that it does not say anything about what we do , but at the same time, I think that most gents get the gents the general idea. After all, what would you imagine hot babes get up to when you give them a call? The idea is to attract interest, and once that has happened, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy reading about your friendly sex kittens at the escorts agency in Aldgate London.

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