Is Holiday Sex Better Than Sex At Other Times

Do you enjoy your holiday romances? I keep on wondering why we enjoy our holiday romances so much. It is clear that without exception, all of the girls I work with at London escorts more or less crave their holiday romances. But, I have started to ask myself what it is my friends at London escorts really crave? Do they crave a bit of a holiday romance or do they crave holiday sex? I would not be the only girl at our London escorts agency who thinks that holiday sex is better than other sex.

I am not sure why so many London escorts think that holiday sex is better than regular sex. It may have something to do with the fact that we find it a bit easier to let go of our inhibitions when we are on holiday and just go for it. When I stop and think about, I often let me sexier side out to play when I am on holiday. It must be all of the sun and sangria which makes me feel that I can let go more. Working for London escorts mean that you are pretty broadminded anyway, but when I am on holiday I take it one step further.

If you like to enjoy a much more adult type of holiday, there are some places around the world you simply must try. I used to travel to places like Spain when I took a break from London escorts. Now I travel much further afield to take a break. Sometimes I even ask one of my London escorts colleagues to come with me and we travel to places like Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Both are excellent places to visit when you are looking for a little bit of a holiday romance and great for some sexy encounters.

On my last visit to Las Vegas, I enjoyed my time there so much that I thought about giving up London escorts. If you want to work in the adult industry in the USA, Las Vegas is one of the best places. There are many different jobs you can do, and escorts in Las Vegas are rather well paid as well. I have had some of the best holidays in Las Vegas that I have ever enjoyed and would just love to have a chance to work and live there.

What about Los Angeles? Well, Los Angeles is a cool place to visit, but I am not sure that I would like to live there fulltime. It is such a great big sprawling city. Some girls at our London escorts have tried to become porn stars in Los Angeles, but they have all ended up coming back. They preferred being adult workers in London, I simply do not think that it is a viable job anymore. But, if you do want to enjoy a little bit of holiday romance, and some great holiday sex, Los Angeles is the best place to visit. It would be true to say that the locals seem to be much open-minded than many of the other folk that I have met in the United States

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