Spotting a gold digger

My best friend has started to date this girl, and I am not sure that I like her. He met her at our golf club, and I am not sure that she is actually such a nice girl. As a matter of fact, I think that she is a bit of a gold digger. Before I married my favorite girl from London escorts of, I used to bump into a lot of girls like her. Now with a wedding ring on my finger, girls like that tend to stay away from me.


How do you spot if she is a gold digger? I did not know anything about gold diggers in London until one of the girls at London escorts told me to be careful. At the time I was telling her about a sweet girl I had met in my local hairdresser. I thought that she seemed nice, but according to the London escort I was dating at the time, she sounded very much like a gold digger. Since then, I have been very careful and I am glad that I am married.


This girl who has got her claws into my friend, seems to know a lot about golf clubs. As soon as my friend told her that he was playing with PING, a smile came across her face. It was clear that she knew that PING golf clubs are very expensive. It is not the sort of thing that you would know unless you are seriously into golf. My wife know that they are expensive, but that is only because she has just taken up golf since leaving London escorts.


I have also seen this girl checking out my friend’s car. The other day as I turned up in the car park, she was looking into it, and as I walked up to her, I noticed that she was checking out the value of the car online. That is not normally the sort of thing a girl does, and I thought that was a bit strange as well. My wife, who used to work for an elite London escorts, thought that her behavior was a little bit strange as well, and almost asked her what she was up to. I have to admit that I do not feel comfortable around her at all.


She also likes to talk about money, and approaches it from all different angles. My friend has its own company in London and makes good money. He did get divorced recently, and is not so keen on hooking up with another girl. I almost suggested that he date London escorts, but I am not sure that is his sort of thing. That is okay, but I do wish that he would stay away from this girl. Every time I look at her, I get this feeling that she is really bad news but I am not sure. I mentioned her to one of the girls behind the bar, and she told me that she knows this girl hangs out with lots of different golfers, but never plays golf.

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