My boyfriend says that I am always really tired when I come home Putney escorts

It is not such a problem when I work during the day but it is a problem when I do the night shift at Putney escorts of The night shift is really difficult and it can make you feel really tired. Last night I did not finish until 4 am and I was just so tired when I came home. I honestly tried to sneak into bed but my boyfriend woke up and wanted to make love. It was okay but I must admit it could have been better some other time.

Lots of the girls at Putney escorts dread working the night shift. One of the thing is getting home safely. I used to try to walk home or something like that, but now I take a taxi. We don’t have a underground service at night and I think it would be help if we did that. But I like the fact that you can get a taxi. It makes me feel a lot safer and I think that goes for the other girls at the agency as well. After all, London can be a rather scary place at night and it is better to stay safe.

Food is another problem. I don’t really like to eat when I am working at Putney escorts. Sometimes I will have a snack but most of the time I don’t have anything at all. That does not help when you are trying to stay awake. Sometimes I don’t understand why gents want to date in the middle of the night. I know that many of them have jobs that make them work late in the City but it seems weird that they are awake. I know that other countries trade at night so I suppose many city workers are there for them.

The day after working the nightshift at Putney escorts, I often feel totally drained of energy. Some of the girls at the agency do the night shift all of the time so they must get used to it. It is clear that I am not a night time person. Once the clock strikes midnight I would rather be curled up under my duvet. I do earn more money working the night shift but I am not sure what it does for my beauty routine. That is another thing with the night shift.

After I have done a couple of night shifts at Putney escorts, I always go to the beautician. My skin kind of looks really bad and I think that it needs a boost. There are some excellent beauty spas in London and I always go to one of those. After having worked such long hours, it is a real treat to have a good quality spa treatment. I have a facial and a massage. After that I feel a lot better about myself again. My boyfriend says that it is all in my head but I don’t agree. If you are not working together with your body, it can really have some strange effects.

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